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Musings and Music

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This is just your typical edgy teenager going through life. Nothing too interesting. Nonetheless! I hope you enjoy, and have a fabulous day! ❤

Just for aesthetic purposes :))


How do we fully comprehend the meaning of normal? How do we know that our idea of ‘normal’ isn’t flawed? How do we know that the people we lock up and label as insane aren’t just on the verge of solving life’s greatest mystery. Why? What is trust? Why do we feel so compelled to trust? Why do we fear the great beyond and the secrets of the universe? How do we know we’re real?

Endless questions, and I might go insane thinking of all of them. But the answers aren’t there. As humans we ponder and over-analyze things. But we need to wake up. We are just insignificant specks of dust, plaguing and destroying the planet we dwell on. If you think about it, nothing we do is ever going to amount to anything. In 50 years nobody’s going to remember my name, and the men we “remember”? Think about what we remember them for. Winning wars, slaughtering thousands, fixing problems with more violence.

What about the people dying to get basic human rights? What about the people labeled radicals? The people wanting a chance to change the cold hearts of government officials. With that I’ll leave, thanks for reading! Much love,

-xXxThreeCheersForSweetAutoCorrectxXx 💜


I write a lot of fantasy poetry. There’s a lot of vampires and love, death too. I guess I’m just a weirdo, but I don’t think I make sense any other way.

Can monsters love? I’m not just talking about literal monsters, but the kind of human variety too. Love, it pollutes my head a lot. It really piques my interest, there’s something so delicate and heartbreakingly beautiful about falling in love, voluntarily giving someone part of you. A part of you you’ll never get back. Much love,

-xXxThreeCheersForSweetAutoCorrectxXx 💜


I found this, I think it’s old but I want to try and write him. Should I..?

Can we talk about how beautiful they all look in this picture?? 💜

I love coffee.

I love caffeine. I think my adhd gets somewhat calmed by it. But there’s also something special about reading a book, or writing with a warm cup of coffee. It’s almost infectious, the warmth spreading through your body. Almost in waves.

I will have to say, happiness is not a puppy. Isn’t that the expression? I think so. Happiness to me is the bass blasting through my headphones. It’s the lyrics of a genius, but not a puppy. I’m more of a cat person.

Somehow we got from coffee to music. But I guess that’s just me. I actually have playlists for different moods, to boost whatever I’m feeling. Most of the time I’m just stuck though. I’m stuck in this rut of never feeling good enough. But there’s hope for me, that’s what MCR taught me. Much love,

-xXxThreeCheersForSweetAutoCorrectxXx 💜

This picture is just yes. 💜

The color red.

I don’t hate the color red. It’s just very obnoxious. I mean I couldn’t hate it, my hair has red in it for pete’s sake. But it’s never been one of my top 5 colors.

Purple and black are my go-tos, so is navy blue. But it has to be a dark blue. A REALLY dark blue, it the point where it’s almost black. I think the color black is just really poetic. It has a beautiful uncertainty. Almost like you never know what’s hiding underneath.

Dark purple. It reminds me of royalty, and I am a queen. At least in my head. I rule a land of misery, where we work and never get paid. Where we never smile. But it’s alright with us, cause it’s all we know.

I think I get stuck with misery sometimes, like I’m her travel buddy. We have a pretty good relationship now. No, but I do tend to keep a lot of my problems within. I don’t like sharing, it makes me feel like a burden. Like it’s now somebody’s duty to ‘fix’ me.

I think I’m done. I don’t have a very big attention span. But the next update will be better. Until then! Much love,

-xXxThreeCheersForSweetAutoCorrectxXx 💜

Good Evening

Hello humans. How is your evening going? Well I hope! Mines pretty good, but it’s good.

I listened to ‘The Light Behind Your Eyes’ last night. I cried. A lot. It’s go moving, and it makes me feel less alone. It gives me a glimmer of hope in a dimly lit cave.

Has anybody tried to bleach red out of your hair? Don’t. It doesn’t work. It turns your hair coral. It’s patchy and ugly 😤

I don’t have much to say, I’m just wondering what I want to do with my life.

Until next time, much love,

-xXxThreeCheersForSweetAutoCorrectxXx 💜

Just a thought…

I’m sitting on a black metal chair. It made a very loud and shrill sound as it dragged across the tile. A few eyes wandered up to look at the scene unfolding. Most unaware and completely spaced-out looking at their phones.

I’m at the gym. An odorous, stale, place filled with the whirring of machines, and people determined to change something within themselves.

Body image is a very crucial part of learning and wrapping your head around what humans think about. Some of us obsess, constantly, about our out-worldly appearance. Others couldn’t care less. Then there are those who have found the void in between that most envy endlessly.

I’m not going to lie and say that I am 100% comfortable and confident where I’m at, appearance wise. But I’m getting there. I tell myself everyday something I treasure within. Or maybe I’ll have a day where I absolutely despise my every essence of my being. Depends on how much sleep I got. Haha, just kidding, but not really. Being a teenager sucks. The people are mean, but your so hard on yourself. I don’t think some adults think about that. They just assume we’re being self-aware. But it’s so much more than that. It usually is.

Until next time. Much love,

-xXxThreeCheersForSweetAutoCorrectxXx 💜

gee looks absolutely stunning 😭💜

Hello Lovelies!!

I don’t know if it’s night or day for you, hot or cold. But I hope your doing wonderfully. I myself am at a loss for words. My great grandma died two years ago yesterday. I would’ve posted yesterday, but I wasn’t up for it.

The longer someone is gone, the more you forget them. I remember right after she died I remember all the things I did with her as a kid. But now the memories are faint and distant. It’s kind of sickening.

After she died I worry a lot about other family members dying. I don’t know if that’s just my anxiety spiraling out of control, or if I’m just a morbid person. I’m not even kidding you, I’ll be in the middle of math, and I’ll think about my grandfather dying, and all the emotions I would go through.

I need to stop exposing myself. You guys are going to stop reading. But I love you all so much!! Until much time! Much love,

-xXxThreeCheersForSweetAutoCorrectxXx 💜

I love him sm 🥺

Who put these standards in place?

Why do we persecute those that differ from us? Why are the standards so biased? Just because someone had curly hair, or a beautiful mocha complexion? What difference does it make? Why are we so cruel to the creatures we share this planet with?

It’s not even appearances, people who don’t believe in the Christian God, or people who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community (myself included). That’s the cruel reality of this weary world.

I know I’m just a teenager, but I have opinions, and thoughts that I think could mean something. I mean Mikey Way for president, am I right? Until next time! Much love,

-xXxThreeCheersForSweetAutoCorrectxXx 💜

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